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CCTV Security Systems

You have a vision of what you want for your business. You’ve done your homework when hiring employees, purchasing inventory, marketing, etc. But now comes the part when you need to keep it all together… safe and sound.

A good security system in place will reduce the many risks you face every day. That’s where we come in. Star Connection will assess your security needs and recommend appropriate solutions. We have access to the best security systems in the business. From a free risk assessment to installation, and beyond – our experienced sales representatives are at your service.


IP Cameras

Fortunately, advances in digital technology have made video surveillance more flexible and easy to use than ever. Security systems using IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install and maintain, and are infinitely customizable, allowing you to create the security system that conforms exactly to your needs.


IP cameras and recording is widely predicted to be the way of the future, and cameras are becoming widely available – in packages or bundled together with software and support, or on their own. With most IP camera systems, all you need to do is choose where you want the cameras and plug them in – it’s that easy! Check footage anytime – An IP camera network with an NVR (network video recorder) can broadcast footage over the internet, allowing you to check up on your business anytime, anywhere.

If cost is your #1 concern:Consider the PC Based DVR systems. They cost about the same as Time Lapse systems but they provide 200% clearer recording. Kits that install on a computer you provide are the most cost effective.
If performance and video clarity is your main concern:Consider either PC based or Hardware based DVR’s. PC based systems are the most desirable unless you are uncomfortable using computers. Average PC skills are required. Hardware based systems do not require computer skills but can be fairly cumbersome to program and operate (much like a VCR).
If you are not comfortable with computers:Consider either Time Lapse or Hardware DVR’s. Both systems program similar to your VCR at home.
If you want the best performance for the money (Value).Consider PC based DVR’s. PC based DVR’s have developed into very reliable systems which match the performance of the best Hardware based systems and they cost less. PC based offers more features and are very easy to program and operate. Average computer skills are required.
If remote viewing of cameras is your main concern:Consider either PC based or Hardware based DVR’s. Both offer remote viewing and playback through the internet (Cable or DSL). PC Based also offers dial-up remote connection.
If automatic recording schedules and motion activated recording is your main concern:Consider PC based DVR’s. They offer the best programming and motion detection options to customize the automatic operations to your specific needs.
If remote viewing and remote playback of multiple sites is your main concern:Consider PC based systems. They offer the best flexibility for remote viewing and managing multiple sites.

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